About Bridget B’s

Bridget B’s is owned and operated by Bridget, a fourth-generation family farmer. Bridget runs the business with her partner, James. At Bridget B’s, we employ a small, hand-selected team of staff who have the expertise and knowledge needed to deliver impeccable customer service. This includes four master butchers who possess a wealth of experience within the field of butchery.

The business was formed  in 2005 as a way of selling our own farm produce direct to the customer after a long period of depressed prices in the agricultural industry due to supermarket powers and animal disease outbreaks.

Our farming business covers 900 acres and is centered around our award winning livestock.   Both our cattle and sheep are exhibited at agricultural shows across the country and win awards at the very highest level, demonstrating the pride and the care we take in our stock.   Recently we have puchased a farm in shropshire which sits not only in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty but also in an area of higher rainfall.   With rain crucial to grow grass we now graze a percentage of our livestock including our Welsh Half Bred and Blue Texel Sheep Flocks in Shropshire. 

We now operate from two retail shops, both selling direct to the general public and we also specialise in Catering Butchery and supplying other Farm Shops and Independent retailers

Expanding Our Business

As a butchery, Bridget B’s has been established for more than 12 years, though we have operated as beef farmers for generations. Since our reputable company entered the butchery business, we have grown from strength to strength in order to meet an incredible demand for our popular meat products.

Serving Local Chefs

Bridget B’s is proud to serve some of the best eateries in the area. Working closely with chefs, we supply fresh, succulent meat that effortlessly elevates the richness and texture of any menu. Throughout the years, we have built a sterling reputation for quality and enjoy a great deal of positive feedback from our customers.

Exceptional Livestock

The livestock we rear is award-winning. The cows and sheep we raise are exhibited at the largest agricultural shows in the UK, where they have been recognised for their quality on numerous occasions.

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