It's been a massively busy time in our farming calendar of late and we were hugely relieved to see our harvest safely gathered in by the end of August and I feel for those who are still battling the elements with thousands and thousands of acres of crops across the country now being little more than salvage jobs.

I know you will all of heard Farmers moaning about the weather but it is so difficult when your livelihood revolves around what produce you can harvest but the weather goes against you.Our Shropshire farm has seen us purchase another 600 Breeding ewes and marks the start of another breeding season on the sheep front with the 'Boys' let out to play with 400 females so far. That should see the 1st lambs on the ground by the end of January and the start of an awful lot of sleepless nights! Currently their are 10 heifers(1st time mums) in the calving group at Batchcott and so far 5 calves on the ground safely galloping about.Here in Hertfordshire at Base camp we are also into the start of our autumn calving cows. So far so good and we are really pleased to see the offspring of a new bull we bought last October called Gambler. Tonia our fantastic Vet has been busy pregnancy scanning our Spring calving cows and I am really pleased with the results, we have had our fair share of troubles getting cows in calf for the last couple of years due to the boys not performing, bad weather etc etc but it's the best results we have had for some time and should see and really busy spring period for us.Ben has been working his socks off with our Cropping land and he's getting on well despite the weather. It's been a very stop start affair with regards to drilling next years crops but given a break in the clouds we hope to have all crops drilled by the end of october and the silage all in the clamps ready to feed the cows who are begging to tell me they want to come in for the winter!

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