Christmas and New Year 2021

Christmas Orders can be placed online between the 1st of October and the 4th December, for collection from one of our 4 stores.

Finest Mince


Lean minced steak made using chuck steak taken from around the shoulder, its trimmed up and then passed twice through the mincer.
Our mince is a great value product for quick meals, and because its from a lean cut of beef, its a perfect source of protein as part of a balanced healthy meal.

Weight Price Quantity
500g £5.13
1 kg £10.26
2 kg £20.52
5 kg £51.30

Cooking tips

Add a little oil to a hot pan, Spread the mince across the heat evenly. Leaving it to brown throughout and then add seasoning and or sauce to the meat.


500g finest mince Serves 4
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